Audience Feedback from April/May SCS Concerts

JUNE 2017

The survey was completed by 36 people; 24 had attended at Wollongong Art Gallery, 7 at Berry School of Arts, and 2 attended both concerts. Five respondents did not attend this concert because they were away or had other commitments.

The majority of respondents (73%) had attended two or more previous concerts; five had been to one previous, and for four it was their first time.

How would you rate your overall enjoyment of the music played by Steel City Strings?
All respondents found the music either highly enjoyable (82%) or enjoyable (18%). Comments:
•  The orchestra sounded the best I’ve ever heard them play.
•  Brilliant performance. I am always impressed by the skill and passion of the performers and the conductor when I see Steel City Strings.
•  You are doing well just carry on
•  Marvellous to appreciate the cultural diversity of the pieces
•  Great programming and well played

How would you rate your enjoyment of each piece? (some respondents only partially answered this question; responses are whole numbers only)

•  This was the best program ever! The quality of the playing is exceptional, the orchestra leaders, the strength of the ensemble as a whole and the work of the conductor made this concert very memorable. The Shostacovich was very moving.
•  An ambitious programme which turned out to be excellent, especially the Shostakovich!
•  No complaints. Very moving. Fascinating learning experience because I was not familiar with the historical background to some of the music, which was explained extremely well in the programme.
•  It was wonderful to have Judy Stubbs’s composition performed. She is amazing. The whole story of how the piece was developed with the community, the collaboration and sensitivity needed, and the music and orchestral interpretation all contributed to my enjoyment of the suite and the whole evening.                                                                                •  Good variety of styles/ compositions – kept the players (and audience) on their toes.
•  Enjoyed the solos by Kyle and Rita

How would you rate the standard of playing by Steel City Strings?
Respondents rated the standard of playing excellent (56%), high standard (38%) or good (6%).

How would you rate the leadership of the orchestra by resident conductor Luke Spicer?
All respondents rated Luke highly effective (80%) or effective (20%).
•  Love Luke Spicer. Energy & ability.
•  I love his passion! Such dedication and such talent.
•  Particularly good in the Romero
•  Seemed to have good control/ good rapport with players

Please comment on the venue for the concert you attended.
Berry School of Arts:
Most respondents simply said “good”; others noted
•  Perhaps not ideal, but it is perfect for the local residents
•  Traditional and enjoyable
•  Not the most comfortable of venues, and often poor visibility – but hey, I expect that in such an old country hall.
Wollongong Art Gallery:
•  Excellent. Chairs are ergonomically shocking. Always get a sore back & neck. But the sound is good there & it’s a convenient & nice spot in the Gong.
•  I like it – but the chairs don’t like me!

•  Need good chairs – but I realise that’s Council’s responsibility. I’ll give them some feedback. I doubt they’ll pay for new chairs (lol)
•  More comfy chairs
•  Great venue. Attractive room. It is nice to be able to see some of whichever exhibition is on at the Art Gallery.
•  Combination of exhibitions & music is good.
•  Welcoming environment, intimate concert hall
•  Pleasant rooms with good acoustics
•  Good sound. I like the intimate space
•  Ideal venue – an aura of exclusive audience
•  Beautiful.. suitable for an orchestra of this type because it gives a very intimate feel to the evening

Do you have any suggestions for music you would like the orchestra to perform in future concerts?
Most respondents said no, or “I’m enjoying the surprises … leave it to the experts … I’m never disappointed … keep up the variety …”
•  The occasional Vivaldi or Bach
•  Prokofiev, Debussy, Ravel, Satie
•  Just try to ensure that some of the programme is accessible for younger people…..this last concert was fantastic but very intense, and a little more difficult for my children to engage with.
•  More vocal things please
•  I’d like to listen to a joint performance steel city strings with a Choir some times
•  Faure, Requiem
•  Something modern – perhaps a collaboration with a local singer?
•  Occasionally collaborate with others, eg pianists, guitarists, wind players
•  Some different solo instruments. Oboe would be nice
•  More Australian composers, please – especially if there is a local connection. Having the Stubbs was wonderful